Recent Winners:  

  • Recent Bets - 19/04/14 - NOBLE PROTECTOR bolts up at Bath at 9/4. 16/04/14 - TAYARAT wins nicely at 3/1. 24/03/14 - MILOSAM wins for us at 7/2 at Taunton landing a nice bet for the service. 20/03/14 - BARLOW never looked like losing and wins for us at 4/1

Horse Racing Tips

As a racing tipster and professional gambler over the last ten years I have made numerous contacts within the horse racing industry.

Some of these contacts are now my closest personal friends.

Through these friends I receive some of the most profitable betting information you could imagine. These horse racing tips are of such high quality and the winnings so great that my life has changed forever.

Racing Tipster

In my capacity as a horse racing tipster I sell this information on to my list of clients. Like any business I
can offer a range of racing tips catering to your budget, from small pieces of information at a low cost
up to highly-lucrative (but relatively expensive) series of bets from certain stables.

My clients come from all walks of life, but thanks to my horse racing tips they have one thing in
common… they all make a profit from their betting.

Best Racing Tips

Being a professional tipster is a very enjoyable job. I get to pass horse racing tips of the highest quality
on to racing enthusiasts who need my help. In selling them top-quality racing tips I can help improve
their financial situation and get them enjoying their gambling.

In turn I help my network of friends recoup some of the capital they invest in buying and keeping
racehorses by selling the information on and looking after them in turn. Ultimately, you, my friends and
myself all make a profit at the bookmakers expense.

If you want to start making real money from your gambling, all you need to do is email me and make your interest known. We can then discuss the best way forward.

Kind regards,

Paul Gargan